Hello, my name is Simon.

DINE-O-SAUR is a labor of love that chronicles my journey in Nashville, one bite at a time. I’m an author, musician, and troublemaker who loves traveling and eating.

As a kid, I was raised in the back of a Chinese restaurant in San Diego. Everyone in my family owned or worked at restaurants. Later, I moved to the self-proclaimed foodie mecca of the Western U.S: Portland, Oregon. I toured the world as a musician in The Slants, often booking shows around places where we wanted to eat (this even included Taiwan!). At one point, I helped my sister with a won ton restaurant in Portland called TAM, which eventually closed up because of a flood. She was the genius behind everything, I simply helped fold and eat thousands of won tons.

In late 2017, I moved to Nashville, TN with my wife Faina and decided to create a food blog that could focus on underappreciated food, especially in outlying areas or and ethnic cuisines owned by people of color.

We are here to enjoy the best restaurants in Nashville! So if you recommend some place for me to explore, let me know!