Dolce Vida Cakes and More (Antioch)

Dolce Vida Cakes and More - Antioch, TN

Words cannot describe how moist these cakes are.

If you think if you’ve tried a Tres Leches cake before (a light, airy sponge cake soaked in three different milks), you probably haven’t had had the taste of deliciousness that is uniquely served here at Dolce Vida. Even better? The amazing value that you’ll receive.


Walking in might be strange – the front half feels a bit like an empty catering showroom). As you walk towards the back, you’ll notice things like a cart for candies and a small freezer. Those are only distractions, ignore them. Walk straight to the refrigerated glass counter on your right and look for the two featured cakes of the day. They’re both variations on Tres Leches and you should buy both. Immediately. Usually, this means you’ll get a mocha-chocolate slice and a vanilla-fruit slice, dark and light, like the yin and yang of perfect dessert combos.

Dolce Vida Cakes

A typical slice of cake here runs $3.50 a pop. Already, that beats the defrosted stuff you’ll get at the local grocery store. However, this isn’t your ordinary piece of cake. It’s the largest, most satisfying chunk of cake you’ve ever seen: one slice could easily appease two people. Buying two slices is like getting a third of a multi-tiered portion of dessert heaven. On every occasion I’ve been here, the slices have been to big for the box they come in (no matter, the airy cakes compress down just fine). You’ll walk away with several pounds of cake.

Of course, they have cute little tarts, cheesecakes, and macaroons. I have o doubt that they are also excellent but if you are in it for a serious experience, get ALL THE CAKES. In this case, the cake is not a lie.

Dolce Vida Cakes, 1135 Bell Rd Ste 304, Antioch, TN 37013



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