Yuno Sushi & Asian Cuisine (Nolensville)

Yuno Sushi Nolensville, TN

This is my favorite sushi restaurant in Nashville so far.

Having come from Pacific Northwest where I had access to incredible, fresh fish and traveling the world eating at some of the best sushi restaurants on the planet, I’ve been spoiled. I’ve tried looking for a solid place here in Nashville, both high end as well as an affordable go-to option. Yuno is definitely a solid, affordable option for sushi. While you won’t be getting an “authentic” Japanese experience (I suspect that it’s Korean-owned like most sushi places) or innovative rolls, they have decent fish here and ultimately, that’s what matters.

I’ve tried the sashimi combo (just raw fish, no rice – $26), their tuna tartare ($11), and a number of rolls ($4-$15) here now.

The sashimi plate is a go-to test for checking the quality of fish at a restaurant. There’s no hiding behind fancy sauces, there’s no dilution from the sushi rice or any other ingredients mixed here. Here, you get a selection of fifteen pieces of five different fish. Almost anywhere you go, that will include salmon, tuna, and hamachi yellow tail. Sometimes, that includes red snapper (even though 96% of red snapper served in the U.S is fake). Personally, I think the $26 is bit overpriced but the fish presented here is pretty good.

The tuna tartare is their appetizer that has tiny cubes of sushi-grade tuna mixed with some avocado and tobiko, and includes a house sauce. It also included some unnecessary crunchy flakes that actually took away from the dish. The fish was soft and the small pieces gave it a nice, buttery feel and the sauce wasn’t overpowering.

Sushi rolls

For rolls, I went with the rainbow roll (different kinds of fish over crab rolls $10), the avalanche (a house special with white fish, spicy crab, and avocado with a house sauce – $13), and a spicy salmon roll ($5.50).

The avalanche was interesting: I wasn’t expecting it to be baked. The warm spicy crab was comforting, though it didn’t mesh with the cold, raw fish on top and definitely could have done without the crunchy toppings. The rainbow roll is pretty standard across the board: imitation crab, cucumber, and basic fish on top. Didn’t really stand out but wasn’t bad, just met expectations.

For $5, the spicy salmon roll was the best bargain. Marinated salmon mixed with some cucumber and rice. It’s basic, a a good value, and could be paired up with other basic rolls for an inexpensive but decent sushi dinner.

Yuno Sushi & Asian Cuisine, 7175 Nolensville Rd, Nolensville, TN 37135


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