Wasabi Steakhouse And Sushi (Brentwood)

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Initially, I pulled into the parking lot to buy groceries at Kroger so I could make some dinner. However, I was lulled by the glowing lights of “WASABI STEAK, SEAFOOD, & SUSHI.” More importantly, there was a large banner proclaiming 30% off Monday-Thursday from 4pm to 6pm. Even though I felt that the “seafood and sushi” portion of their name was redundant, I enjoy like a good value so it was enough to deter me from my path.

The place was empty. I suppose it was only 4:30pm, but that basically gave choice of seating and it meant quick service. A couple of things were ordered up:

Steak and scallop hibachi combo meal (of course – 30% off!) and the sashimi dinner.

If you didn’t know, the hibachi (Japanese: 火鉢, “fire bowl”) usually refers to a hot, round bowl filled with charcoal and used to heat. It was not meant for cooking. In the U.S, we hijacked this term and it usually refers to a flat metal griddle (or teppanyaki), where the food is cooked on. That’s mostly because people though ‘shichirin,’ what these cooking tops were modeled after, was too hard to pronounce for English speakers. In any case, the workers were speaking in Mandarin Chinese so there wasn’t very much Japanese about the place anyway.

Back to the food.

Steak and scallop

The Steak and Scallop hibachi combo meal normally around about $20 and comes with a small salad, miso soup, veggies, fried rice, and two shrimp. I skipped the fried rice and opted for more veggies instead. The miso soup was pretty standard (soup w/boiled water), though my bowl had a few mushrooms, and even more curious, a few pieces of rainbow rotini pasta noodles! I avoided those and moved onto the salad, your traditional mini bowl of iceberg mix with gingery-sweet dressing on top. They gave a bowl of something that resembled Thousand Island dressing on the side.

The steak and scallop were decently cooked (ordered the beef medium rare and they honored that), the sauce was peppery and covered everything on the plate, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. The vegetables were crunchy and added a nice balance of texture to the soft meats. The two shrimp were delicious, though scarce. They were more like really, really good garnishes than an appetizer (which is how they were labeled even though it was served with the main entree). For $20, you don’t get much steak at all so I’m happy I got the 30% off.

sashimi with glowing glass

The sashimi ($18) came with a glowing wine glass. Seriously, it’s hard to describe…other than a wine glass on its side that glowed green on the plate. I think it was meant to be fun, though it was more confusing than anything. The 18-piece sashimi also came with two sticks of imitation crab and a shrimp (though those did not count towards the 18 pieces of fish). The fish included tuna, albacore, red snapper, hamachi, and salmon. The albacore was the best of the bunch….the red snapper was lackluster and should be avoided (often, sushi places use fake fish to pass for red snapper. Only 6% of all sushi restaurants in the U.S serve the real deal). The salmon had a strange, buttery texture – most likely, it was Atlantic farmed salmon, not actual fresh caught. It’s hard to find real sushi anywhere: most restaurants in the country use fake fish, this was no exception.

In the end, I probably wouldn’t recommend this restaurant unless it was during Happy Hour for the reduced rate. I found it a little overpriced and the delivery was underwhelming. However, it makes a great distraction if you’re too lazy to go to a grocery store to buy and make food yourself.

Wasabi Steak, Seafood, & Sushi. 6688 nolensville Rd ate 102, Brentwood, TN 37027


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